Calarena spirit

One signature. One universe. One Philosophy.

A philosophy and know-how specific to the house.

Born in Corsica, the Island of Beauty, and erected to true Way of Life on vacation, it is always from Porto-Vecchio, cradled by the sea, that the Calarena label draws its inspiration and sublimates the body of women.

Launched in 2004, the Corsican brand has made a place for itself in the women’s summerwear market with its distinctive and unique style. More than 10 years of existence and expertise have built its international success and over time, the house has become essential in the sector.

Calarena’s co-founders and co-creators Marie-Luce de Rocca Serra and Sandrine Piergigli, are backed by a team of talented young women at the studio. They see their Corso-Italian origins as an endless source of inspiration and creativity to design their surprising collections.

Together, they cleverly cultivated their fashion signature: swimsuits with clean cuts, a graphic look and a certain idea of easy wear, before, during and after the beach, completed with an impressive line of beachwear and accessories. Reversibility and modularity are two principles that the two designers hold dear and infuse in all their collections.

Creating its own trend by putting a signature on each collection makes the Calarena label instantly identifiable.

The house also had the pleasure to duplicated its style signature through collaborations with several French and Italian brands for accessories, hats (Grevi), bags (Un Jour Un Sac) and shoes (Atelier Mercadal), but also with the house Cadolle, corsetier haute-couture,  when they designed the first swimsuits in 2015. Calarena also partnered with Corsican cosmetic brands such as Casanera to create a Monoi, and more recently Nucca with ‘L’huile du Soleil’. Other exciting sharing projects are underway for the coming seasons for the sole purpose of delighting customers, always true to the spirit of the house and the product.

More than just fashion, Calarena encompasses a lifestyle, a whole concept around the swimsuit and the summerwear.

Much more than a brand, Calarena stands out as a concept with a strong personality that offers, each season, a complete collection, in which you can find true elegance for any moment of the day, from the beach to the end of the night.

Our collections allow you to travel chic and light. By packing just a few of the house’s creations, you are sure to be elegant in all situations. A summer fashion that draws sexy and glamorous unstructured silhouettes like promises of a beautiful summer.

With trendy, sleek and elegant lines, Calarena’s collections are always imbued with the love of luxury, research and quality, ensuring the subtle combination of glamour, craftmanship and sophisticated details. Each season, the creations are unique and always anchored in a spirit combining innovation and timeless chic.

The subtle alliance of luxury and creativity for timeless collections.

The house’s iconic fabric with a second-skin touch, discrete stitching, varied colour palette… all these elements are the DNA of the brand that delights all women looking for femininity, elegance and comfort. A passion for iconic details, pleats, drapes, braids make collections “falsely” strict. A modern spirit, graphic and feminine shapes, warm, powdery and sometimes daring colours, all contribute to making the unique character of the house for the sole purpose of beautifying women and sticking to the spirit of living on vacation.

Made in Italy in a family-operated workshop since day one, 100% euro made, positioned upscale, the house has built up an international network of resellers (half of them in France) and has also opened its own shops in Bonifacio, Calvi and Porto-Vecchio.

A complete summer wardrobe spirit, always with the promise to stand by women whenever they are on holidays …