Calarena spirit

Esprit de la marque Calarena Beachwear

A Signature, Expertise, Philosophy

Since its inception in 2004, Maison Calarena has offered more than just a style; it embodies a true way of life, a concept, and a universe centered around swimwear and beach attire.

Born on the Isle of Beauty, it is still in Porto-Vecchio, cradled by the sea, that the Calarena brand draws its inspiration and enhances the bodies of women.

Over the years, the Corsican brand has successfully carved out its own place in the women’s swimwear market with its easily identifiable and unique style. Its expertise and craftsmanship have built its international success, and over time, the house has become essential in the industry.

Marie-Luce de Rocca Serra and her sister, Sandrine Piergigli, have always drawn inspiration from their personal stories, origins, travels, and their love for Corsica and Mediterranean life. Calarena is a story of women, and the sisters are assisted and complemented by a team of young women in the studio to create their surprising collections.

A carefully cultivated fashion signature: swimsuits with clean cuts, a graphic allure, and a certain idea of easy wear, before, during, and after the beach, with a complete beachwear line. Reversibility and modularity are two principles often used by the creators.

The fusion of luxury and creativity for timeless collections.

The house’s emblematic material with a second-skin feel, discreet seams, a varied color palette—these elements form the DNA of the brand, catering to all women seeking femininity, elegance, and comfort. A passion for iconic details, pleats, drapes, and trimmings make the collections “falsely” strict. The modern spirit, graphic and feminine shapes, warm, powdery, and sometimes bold colors, define the unique character of the house with the sole aim of beautifying women and adhering to the vacation lifestyle.

Made in Italy in a family workshop since its inception and 100% Euro-made, positioned as high-end, the house has built an international network of retailers (half of which are in France) but also owns its own “Calarena Stores” since its origins, first in Bonifacio, then in Porto-Vecchio, Calvi & Bastia.

More than just a brand, Calarena emerges as a concept with a strong personality that offers each season a complete collection where you can find elegance for every moment of the day, from the beach to the end of the night.

A stylistic signature that the house has duplicated through collaborations with several brands sharing similar values, almost obvious encounters that give rise to creations complementing the Calarena offering.