Calarena S/S 2018 Collection

Ode to Nature

From the beginning, nature and particularly Corsican nature is an unlimited source of inspiration…

This year, Calarena honed its lifestyle and put all of its know-how and expertise to offer a warm tribute to Nature in its global status. Above all, the brand stays loyal to its spirit: embellish the woman, in a way of simplicity, femininity and elegance. A range of high-quality fabrics, feminine details and the large,  carefully chosen, colour palette prove again the desire of the brand’s DNA to propose an identifiable beachwear wardrobe, symbols of glamour and lightness.

Calarena inspires itself from the rough and typical aspects of land and sea treasures, but also from women creations that built an open mind creativeness spirit for perfect harmony.

7 interests compose this ode to nature and feminine creations, with a rhythm between fabrics and accessories work.

Mineral, an invitation in nature’s heart, between rock and water, a pearl set reminding the refined minerals.

Backstage, by taking a leap in the rigorous and academic dance world, in sensuality, bodice and fabrics effects.

Reverso, a reverence to the history of fashion with the new twist of the iconic accessory of the brand: the clip of the jumpsuit.

Design, a sporty spirit with a set of black and white one-piece swimsuits presenting fit cuts to enlighten body dynamism.

Art Deco, a step back in time with this iconic 1930‘s art period. The chain, one of the iconic basic accessories of the
brand for years, reminds of this past but timeless period by the shape and the fabric.

Paradoxe, an opposition with lamé effects, between nothing and profit, between austere nature and strict and linear
creations of mankind: broken fabric and lame stripes.

Naïade, diving into the deep Mediterranean Sea, with the pearly plate of shells, reflecting the summer sky and sunset.
Without missing the basics of the brand, this season is marked by floral prints, inspired by exotic plants which decorated our houses in the early 30’s-50’s.