Calarena designer of the year 2015

Calarena designer of the year 2015

DESIGNER OF THE YEAR 2015 – MODE CITY and PARIS CAPITAL OF CREATION honour this year, the French house CALARENA and its two Corsican creators Marie-Luce de Rocca Serra and her sister Sandrine Piergigli.

Since 2004, Calarena has been drawing inspiration in Porto-Vecchio, Corsica. The house sails on colourful and voluptuous trends each season, specific to summers “as we like them”. A passion for the iconic details of swimwear, the pleats, the draperies, the braids, give a unique appeal to falsely strict, irresistible, elegant and modern collections they put together! “Beautifying women” remains a common thread. The Calarena spirit is also recognizable for their love of luxury, detail and handmade work.


Deeply rooted in its Corsican origins, CALARENA encompasses a strong concept that offers, every year, a rich collection of swimsuits and beachwear. A complete wardrobe that allows you to travel ‘light and chic’ and be elegant in all situations from the beach to the end of the night. Swimwear, clothing and accessories as anthems to the lightness and fluidity that characterises the Mediterranean way of life.


  • A unique style and know-how
  • A complete wardrobe spirit
  • More than a style, a lifestyle, a concept around the swimsuit and the beach
  • The creation of its own trend by putting a unique signature on each of its collections to make the brand identifiable
  • The alliance of luxury and creativity for timeless collections, CALARENA draws its treasure and rhythm from the magic offered by the world


Each year, CALARENA works on exclusive collaborations, some of which integrate permanently as summers go by.

  • Calarena & Cadolle Paris

When haute couture lingerie meets the high-end swimwear… An obvious encounter led to the beginning of a beautiful story between two French houses in 2014. The Cadolle house draws the sketches and CALARENA takes in charge the manufacturing. Three one-piece creations, strong in personality, are born to sublimate women’s bodies.

  • Calarena & Atelier Mercadal

The excellence of the fabrics used by Atelier Mercadal factories in Italy has always been a guarantee of quality. You will find the same know-how in this exclusive collection of sandals with 5 interchangeable knots, matching some of the CALARENA colors. More than just an accessory, you can choose the sandal according to your swimsuit, your tan, your mood…

  • Calarena & Casanera

CALARENA emphasises its Corsican identity by creating with the house Casanera a ‘Maquis’-scented Monoi. This beauty oil with immortelle for body and hair nourishes, soothes, regenerates and leaves a delicate perfume.

  • Calarena & One day A bag

Every year, in collaboration with the house Un jour Un sac, CALARENA creates sponge or neoprene beach bags and beach pouches, in a wide array of colours to match its beachwear collection.