Nothing changed but the name. Welcome Calarena.

Nothing changed but the name. Welcome Calarena.

For many years you have been loyal to our brand and have contributed greatly to its success both in France and globally. For this, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Today we would like to announce the creation of our new brand Calarena.

It was important to us to reaffirm a certain vacation ‘Art de vivre’ born in Corsica, the Isle of Beauty, from which the brand draws its roots and inspiration for its collections.

The name changes but our creative vision and our identifiable fashion signature remain intact: easy to wear swimsuits with clean cuts and graphic looks, before, during and after the beach that you will keep on finding in our upcoming Calarena collections.

Our creative studio in Corsica and our workshop in Italy will continue to provide beautiful creations with the same professionalism as they have until now.

Finally, the name of our three stores in Corsica will be renamed Calarena in 2017. All our resellers/partners will, therefore, offer our collections under this new label.

As for us, we will continue to put all our passion into the growth and outreach of Calarena.


Marie-Luce de Rocca Serra